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Drive Your Practice With Dental Implants

Jun 5, 2018

Easy step by step strategies general dentists can use to attract and convert high value dental implant patients.

Drive Your Practice With Dental Implants is a podcast for general dentists who want to grow their practice with high value dental implant cases. Millions of people in the United States and worldwide are missing one or more teeth. That number is growing every day. These prospective patients are aware that dental implants can be the solution to help them get the smile they desire. "Dental Implants" is one of the most searched for specific dental procedures online. These cases are not only among the profitable cases in a dental office, they are also the most rewarding for the dentist performing the procedure, and the teams that work with them to change patients lives.

This podcast delivers specific actionable strategies to help dental practices stand out in a competitive marketplace to attract and convert patients actively seeking dental implant treatment. We bring the best and brightest minds in the dental industry and apply their knowledge in dental marketing, dental practice management, phone skills, case presentation, dental financing options, clinical mastery, and more to help you create a complete implant patient attraction system in your dental practice.